Shipping policy

    We have two Shipping systems on our website:

    INDIA POST - a single cost worldwide air parcel by Indian national post.

    DHL Express - only on special request for additional shipping charges, we can ship your order with DHL fast courier. We will calculate shipping charges for each order 


    INDIA POST (Mail of India)

    Most of our customers choose this delivery method. It is cheapest choice, the journey time after sending the parcel takes 12-25 days. The package is delivered by Air

    mail from India.

    Upon arrival, you will receive a notice at the post office, after which you will be able to pick up the parcel from your post office specified during the ordering process.

    This type of delivery provides for a maximum weight of 20 kg per parcel. 

    DHL Express

    Delivery time DHL 3-5 days, but such delivery is more expensive. This type of mail is relevant for over 2kg orders and if you need to quickly deliver the purchased     

    goods to the destination.

    We can process orders with DHL up to 300 kg. Shipping charges will be calculated for each order individually depending on weight and address. You can contact     

    us regarding each order for shipping quotation.

    Depend on destination country customs rules, customer has to provide papers to the customs. All dealing with customs in destination country is responsibility of

    the customer. We will provide all required  papers but cannot hold any responsibility for dealing with destination country customs.


    In case order parcel is returned to us due to refusal of customs in destination country or if customer did not pick up parcel, we will keep parcel in our storage for one

    month for resending. Customer can give other address for sending and have to pay again for shipping cost. After one month we are not resending or refunding

    returned orders.


    Often we are asked how the weight of the package is calculated on the site and why.

    For example, why does a cream weighing 50 grams on our site weigh 200 grams?

    The fact is that in addition to the content, we also have packaging, and some packaging, as in this case, can have a fairly large weight relative to the content. We also

    calculate the weight of the goods completely and add + 10% on the package of parcels. It can be cardboard boxes or plastic boxes.

    It is impossible to determine the final weight of parcels with a gram, but, as a rule, everything turns out as the basket shows.

    We allow slight deviations both in + 5% and in - 5% of the values ​​in the order basket for packages weighing 10 kg.



    Regardless of the type of delivery, immediately after the parcel is sent you will be sent to the mail a unique track of the parcel code, with which you can track its

    movement using the Internet.



    We always carefully treat the packaging of the goods.

    Every year we send thousands of parcels to the countries around the world. Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience based on feedback from our

    customers! We know how to pack the goods so that it is safe and sound, but we can not always guarantee respect for the parcels by the postal services.



    We provide you with a 100% guarantee that we will send the paid order, and after that you will receive the track code of the parcel to your e-mail. The quality of our

    work is confirmed by many of our customers. Parcel will be dispatched within 3 to 10 working days. In case any item is not available we will contact you through

    email or phone for exchange with other similar product or we will refund your payment for that product.